Third Oak Launches Plant Based Footwear Line

Third Oak Launches Plant Based Footwear Line

Third Oak, founded by third generation shoe maker, Sara Irvani, has elevated the footwear industry with their new plant-based shoe line. They are extremely passionate about changing the industry and are doing it one shoe at a time. (1)

Sara, a millennial CEO, firmly believes that each one of us can make a difference by making basic, conscious choices as simple as what type of shoes to invest in.

Third Oak, saddened and shocked by the dark side of shoe manufacturing, decided that they were going to make a difference by creating a sustainable brand that is both affordable and attractive.

These earth-friendly shoes are responsibly manufactured in the United States, just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Shockingly today, less than 1% of all shoes are manufactured here in the USA. Third Oak’s manufacturing location contributes to much cleaner air by saving over 10,000 miles of travel and a reduced carbon footprint 1/200th of the average shoe that has been imported.

Third Oak Launches Plant Based Footwear Line

100% cruelty-free and plant-based, Third Oak’s shoes are responsibly created from a highly innovative bio-based material derived from soy. Their recyclable material enables them to operate a closed-loop recycling process that will not damage the environment thus leaving it safe for future generations to come.

Third Oak is not the only footwear line that is making sustainable plant-based footwear. Native Shoes recently launched their own new line of zero-waste, plant-based slip-on shoes.

Scott Hawthorn, CEO of Native Shoes, said: “Choosing to include more beast-free products in your life has a positive impact on personal wellness, animal rights and on the environment. It’s one way we can each have a positive impact on the world. At Native Shoes we don’t lecture people on their personal behavior but present them different possibilities that they might not have considered before.

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