Petitioner’s Asking for Impossible Burger at McDonald’s

Impossible Burger at McDonald’s

A petition launched by Care2 is requesting that the food giant, McDonald’s, add the plant-based Impossible Burger to the menus in the United States. This petition has garnered more than 30,000 signatures so far. Sign the petition

The Impossible Burger is crafted from simple, all-natural ingredients like coconut oil, wheat, and potatoes. What sets the Impossible Burger apart from all of the other plant-based burgers is an ingredient called heme. Heme is the basic building block of all life on earth including plants, but it is highly abundant in meat. The scientists who created the Impossible Burger discovered that heme is what makes meat sizzle, smell, bleed, and taste meaty. It is considered the “magic ingredient” that makes the new plant-based burger a delicious treat.

The petition webpage on Care2 states that by offering a vegan option, McDonald’s would not only be ‘helping the environment, but helping to save a life’ too.

Care2 reaches beyond ethics, also stating that fast-food leaders ‘are taking notice of the rise of vegan and vegetarianism and it is helping them make big bucks.’

Plant-based eating is a billion-dollar industry and a growing trend in the food space. If the petition is successful, McDonald’s will be the next fast-food leader to contribute to an already rapidly growing sector of restaurants who now offer vegan and vegetarian options on their menus.

An ever-growing number of US restaurant chains, including Shake Shack, White Castle, Red Robin, and TGI Friday’s, have already jumped on board the trending plant-based bandwagon.

Interestingly enough, McDonald’s already has a vegan burger option in several select countries, yet there hasn’t been a permanent plant-based menu item added in North America.

In order to help with the demand, Care2 has decided to make a final plea to the food industry giant on their petition website.

The petition reads: “American animals and people deserve to have a cruelty-free option in McDonald’s stores too. That’s why Care2 is calling on McDonald’s to bring their vegan burger to the U.S.”

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