No Meat Athlete Fuel Your Run with Pinole and Chia

Fuel Your Run with Pinole and Chia

If you’ve read Born to Run then you already know all about the incredible Tarahumara tribe (Fuel Your Run with Pinole and Chia).

Ultra-marathon runners like the Tarahumara don’t rely on energy gels for fuel. Instead they put Pinole and Chia to work for them to provide strength and endurance to tackle 50 or 100 miles or more seemingly without any effort at all.

After reading all about the Tarahumara and getting a glimpse at what the human body is actually capable of, you’re probably not satisfied with going back to the way that you’ve been doing things. You really don’t want to keep fueling your body with sugary, processed gels and making the same slow progress over and over. (1)

You have a desire to learn how to harness the energy inside Pinole and chia, the foods that the Tarahumara trust for their incredible benefits. You want to take your endurance to new, unimaginable heights and supercharge your running. But most of all, you want your running friends to wonder exactly what your secret is.

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The Tarahumara Don’t Use Sports Drinks or Processed Energy Gels – Fuel Your Run with Pinole and Chia

By now, you’ve heard how high-tech running shoes have actually increased the incidence of injury, not reduced it at all. It’s basically the same thing when it comes to commercial sports drinks and energy gels. They are packed full of sugar. The shoe manufacturers lead you to believe that you need their specialized shoes to avoid injury and the sports nutrition giants have brainwashed everyone into believing that they need sugar in order to run farther and faster. That way everyone will keep buying their products. There’s a secret that they don’t want you to know.

Sugar is excellent for running short distances only! It’s an excellent fast-burning fuel when you need to run really fast but not too far. The body can only store a small amount of sugar, about enough to run at medium intensity for approximately 90 minutes. So what happens when you run out of energy during a marathon? Your body will either shut down or you will have to consume more sugar in order to replenish your reserves. However, there is a problem with this.

Your stomach can only hold so much food at any given time. It’s anywhere from 200 to 600 calories per hour when you are running. The issue is that running burns calories faster than you can possibly refuel so you cannot keep it up. If you try to run just on sugar alone you will fail long before you reach the end of an ultra-marathon. Lucky for you though, there is a solution out there!

Burning Fat Is Key – Fuel Your Run with Pinole and Chia

Even though you might have a slim and trim runner’s body, you’ve still got hundreds of thousands of calories that are stored in your body as fat. These calories can help you to run unbelievable distances. The key is to teach your body to use this slow-burning fat, rather than relying on quick-burning sugar. Sugar can be likened to lighter fluid while fat is more like coal.

If you consume only sugar while you run then that is exactly what your body is going to use as fuel. Sugar is an addiction. Your body will quickly run out of sugar and in order to keep running you will need to refuel with more of it.

If you provide your body with less sugar and more fats and protein, over a period of time it will learn to burn fat. It will only switch over to burning sugar after many hours of intense running. You will be amazed to find that when you begin to fuel your body with whole foods, rather than filling it with sugar from sports drinks and gels, your stomach will feel better and you will perform better too. This is exactly why the Tarahumara eat Pinole and Chia instead of sports drinks and gels.

If you eat a plant based diet and you really want to run a marathon click here for your complete guide to conquer your first 26.2

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The Modern Runner Wants Convenience – Fuel Your Run with Pinole and Chia

For the Tarahumara, they don’t mind carrying a satchel of Pinole and Chia while they run but the modern runner will not find that convenient at all. If you’ve ever tried to drink a gritty, Pinole drink you probably would never want to have it again.

But, that didn’t stop Matt. He wanted to figure out a way to harness the power of Pinole and Chia. He searched for recipes that made them more convenient to take on a long marathon but was unable to find any that were suitable or tasty. He decided that he would invent them himself.

In this 37-page downloadable e-book Fuel Your Run with Pinole and Chia you will find 15 recipes that fit your modern lifestyle. The e-cookbook includes:

  1. 15 simple Pinole and Chia recipes made from whole food ingredients so you will know exactly what you are putting into your body. There are no hidden chemicals or sugars included!
  2. Recipes for portable Pinole and Chia snacks and meals that you can carry with you during your run
  3. Less sugar than commercially made sports drinks or gels so you can train your body to burn fat instead of sugar
  4. Why the Tarahumara corn is not like most cornmeal and the most common ingredients that you can buy at any grocery store that is nearly identical to what they eat
  5. Pre-workout breakfast recipes such as muffins, pancakes, smoothies and waffles all made from Pinole and Chia
  6. Recipes for energy bars and brownies – much more affordable and delicious than any that you will find in a grocery store
  7. Modern versions of traditional recipes such as an Iskiate smoothie and Pinole porridge
  8. Savory dinner recipes that use beans and Pinole that provide complete proteins to repair your muscles after a workout
  9. Healthy hidden nutrition such as beans baked into energy bars
  10. Recipes that are easy on your digestive system
  11. Nutrition facts included with every recipe such as protein, carbohydrates and fat breakdowns

Matt also includes an extra special bonus recipe in Fuel Your Run with Pinole and Chia. It’s an all natural, unprocessed energy gel made exclusively with chia seeds that you can use as a substitution for the expensive, processed, commercial gels that are packed with unhealthy sugars.

If you eat a plant based diet and you really want to run a marathon click here for your complete guide to conquer your first 26.2

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