Modern Day Men’s Midlife Crisis Now Includes ‘Going Vegan’

Modern Day Men’s Midlife Crisis Now Includes ‘Going Vegan’

According to new research, modern day men are now adding ‘going vegan’ to their list of midlife crisis trends.

Bupa Health Clinics recently released a study of over 3,000 people in regard to midlife crisis trends. They state that upon the start of a new age decade such as 40 or 50 men slide into a crisis and are inspired to make major health changes such as signing up for sporting events, quitting alcohol or going for a full health overhaul. However, nearly 25 percent of men relapsed within 12 months. Approximately 5 percent of the men maintained the changes for 8 years or longer.

Nearly 24 percent of men who responded for the Bupa’s survey reacted to their personal midlife crisis by going vegan. Bupa did not specify or differentiate between moral veganism or simply a plant-based diet on the survey.

Restaurant owner and chef of Gauthier Soho, Alex Gauthier, is one of many men who have gone vegan as a result of their own personal midlife crisis. Speaking in regard to his own personal experience, the traditionally-trained French chef noted that prior to going vegan he used to cook with massive amounts of fish, meats and even delicacies such as fois gras.

He is quoted as saying “Until the day I realized it wasn’t for me anymore.” He went on to add “I’m trying to rethink my entire food knowledge and re-write all of the rules of cooking and eating with a vegan perspective.

“It’s really exciting, and a bit of a midlife crisis I guess. Some people buy a brand-new Harley Davidson. I didn’t do that – I just went vegan.”

Lifestyle Health Adviser at Bupa Health Clinics, Jake Williams, said “Entering a new decade is one of many triggers that can prompt us to think about our health.

“In our clinics, we often see customers coming in for a general health check shortly before, or after turning, an age ending with a zero.

“While taking stock of our health is something to be embraced and encouraged, it’s important we don’t ignore our health for the other nine years.”