Lush Launches Vegan Highlighters

lush launches vegan highlighters

Lush Launches “Glow Sticks” Vegan Highlighters.

Lush has just released five new stick vegan highlighters that are currently available on their website called “Glow Sticks”. These highlighters launched shortly after the debut of their wildly successful line of stick foundation. (1)

These all vegan “Glow Sticks” retail at $15.99 and are crafted using a base of organic extra virgin coconut oil, Moroccan argan oil, and ultra-blended synthetic mica. This particular type of synthetic mica provides high shine and is much eco-friendlier than its predecessor, plastic glitter. It is also more ethical than naturally sourced mica.

Additionally, 10 percent of the profits made during the purchase of Indonesian coconut oil will be donated to non-profit organizations that provide funding for dental services and literacy programs offered on the island of Nias.

Glow Sticks were created to suit a large range of skin tones and were inspired by the colors of various bird plumage. The colors offered are Robin (rose), Rock Dove (lilac), Ibis (gold), Lark (taupe), and Peacock (green).

A spokesperson for Lush was quoted as saying that Glow Sticks “are simple to apply and perfect for creating a brightened, reflective effect on the skin”.

Glow Sticks are highly pigmented and come in a stick form. They are best applied directly to the skin and blended with either a makeup sponge or fingers.

They will be on sale for one month only!