IKEA Vegan Hotdog

IKEA vegan hotdog

IKEA launched its highly-anticipated vegan hotdog across Europe and the United States.

According to the media giant Forbes, the IKEA vegan hotdog has far exceeded all sales targets, selling over 1 million as of today. Prior to the official international release, the hotdog was trialed in various Ikea stores including the Malmo outlet and it was very well-received by patrons.

In May of 2018, IKEA revealed that the vegan hotdog had received a 95 percent approval rating from all testers and would be debuted across larger territories.


IKEA made it clear that sustainability was one of the major factors when engineering their vegan hotdog.

IKEA’s press release quoted Managing Director at Ikea Food Services AB, Michael La Cour, saying: “We are facing many challenges in the food production industry today and one of those challenges is that we need to be more sustainable.

“With the global reach that we have at IKEA we believe that we have a responsibility and a great opportunity to serve food that is good for the planet.”

Flexitarians, Vegans and Vegetarians

Speaking in regard to the vegan hotdog earlier in 2018, IKEA’s US Range and Product Developer, Peter Ho, explained in detail that when the new product was trialed in their Malmo location, it had a wide audience rather than just a tiny niche which received it extremely well. “IKEA Malmo is seeing a new customer in their bistro, whether they are vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, or meat-reducers,” he said.

“Every year 660 million people enjoy the IKEA Food Offer, and we see this global reach as an opportunity as well as a responsibility to serve food that is good for people and the planet.

“With the new veggie hot dog, we can inspire and enable customers to choose a plant-based, more sustainable option at an affordable price.”

IKEA now offers a range of vegan options, depending on the particular region, that include donuts and soft-serve ice-cream.