Field Roast Introduces Plant Based Mayo and Butter

Field Roast Introduces Plant Based Mayo and Butter

Field Roast Introduces Plant Based Mayo and Butter.

Field Roast, a leader in the plant-based food sector, has just added a plant-based mayo and butter to its list of popular vegan food products. (1)

Field Roast, a company who is renowned for its Chao cheese and plant-based sausages, has carefully crafted Chao Mayo and Chao Buttery Spread to mimic those food products which are commonly made from animal byproducts.

The popular brand has dubbed the fully vegan products ‘New Family Classics’, to be added to their already well-known line. Field Roast says that their customers ‘can be proud to serve to them to family and friends.’

Both the Chao Mayo and the Chao Buttery Spread are oil-based. They also include simple ingredients such as balsamic vinegar, tofu, pea protein, and sea salt. Field Roast goes on to describe their new products as a ‘premium quality, vegan buttery spread with a touch of sweet coconut cream’ and a ‘smooth and balanced vegan mayo.’

Field Roast, a giant in the plant-based industry, is continuously growing and evolving its product line. In fact, they just released three vegan dips and dressings just last month. They are proud to have products that are considered to have high market value.

Field Roast was actually purchased by a Canadian meat processing giant, Maple Leaf Foods last year for a staggering $120 million, however they have vowed to remain true to their roots and continue to create fully plant-based products for its consumers.

Field Roast has quite an impressive list of plant-based products

Sausages/Hot Dogs:

  • Italian
  • Mexican Chipotle
  • Smoked Apple Sage
  • Frankfurters
  • Apple Maple Breakfast Sausages

Deli Slices:

  • Smoked Tomato
  • Wild Mushroom
  • Lentil Sage
  • Fieldburger

Roasts & Loaves:

  • Smoked Tomato Quarter Loaf
  • Wild Mushroom Quarter Loaf
  • Lentil Sage Quarter Loaf
  • Celebration Roast
  • Smokey Forager’s Roast
  • Classic Meatloaf
  • Hazelnut Cranberry Roast

Appetizers/ Entrees:

Miniature Corn Dogs

Fruffalo Wings

Sunflower Country-Style Catsu Cutlet

Chao Creamery products include

Chao Slices:

  • Creamy Original
  • Tomato Cayenne
  • Coconut Herb

Mac N’ Chao:

  • Chili Mac N’ Chao
  • Creamy Mac N’ Chao