Elmhurst Plant Based Milk

elmhurst plant based milk

Elmhurst expands plant based milk line across New York.

Elmhurst, formerly a New York based dairy producer turned plant milk producer, has now expanded distribution of their plant-based milk line into several major markets in the local area including Walmart, Wegmans and 39 Whole Foods Market locations. Many other independent grocers have jumped on board and are now stocking the popular plant milk line including Lifethyme Market, Westerly Natural Market, the Park Slop Coop, Bushwick Coop, Perelandra Natural Food Center, A Matter of Health and more. (1)

Elmhurst has caused quite a stir in the ever expanding $16 billion nondairy milk sector in the past year. After several decades as one of New York’s top dairy producers, Elmhurst recognized that its future demanded a pivot away from dairy towards the booming, trendy plant-based sector. Working closely with Dr. Cheryl Mitchell, Elmhurst now uses an innovative “cold milking” process to develop its shelf stable line of nut milks.

“We had to make a quantum leap in technology,” Mitchell was quoted as saying to NPR earlier this year. “Typically, when you make these kinds of milks, you grind everything up and then filter out the liquid. You can get a nice milk with great flavor, but the protein is lost. My goal was to keep that taste, but with all the protein.

Elmhurst is firm about avoiding any types of emulsifiers, gums, or industrialized stabilizers through the use of its cutting-edge proprietary “milking” process for oats and nuts.

In 1925 Henry Schwartz’s grandfather founded Elmhurst. Schwartz, who is now 83 years old, has personally switched over to a plant-based diet which prompted him to turn the company away from dairy towards plant milk instead. The company’s major transition has now become as popular as its tasty milk varieties.

“We are at the helm of a radical shift in food technology,” Schwartz was quoted as saying to NPR back in January. “We are able to look at plant-based food sources in a new way as we maximize the nutrition that exists in these sources and eliminate food waste as we utilize every piece of the nut or grain.”

Elmhurst Plant Based Milk

Elmhurst recently made headlines by launching the first commercial nondairy peanut milk called Milked Peanuts. Customers rave about its smooth creamy taste. This just further solidifies Elmhurst as a driving force in the nondairy sector. They have been called both innovative and forward thinking and will continue to produce new and exciting plant milks.

“It was time to reevaluate the past,” Schwartz was quoted as saying, “and start creating the food traditions that would carry us into the future

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