Alicia Silverstone Spreads Vegan Message

Alicia Silverstone Spreads Vegan Message

Celebrity Alicia Silverstone Teams Up with YouTube Star Ellen Fisher to Promote Veganism.

Alicia Silverstone recently appeared in a YouTube video with Ellen Fisher to promote veganism and a plant-based lifestyle.

The YouTube video, an obvious success with over 300,000 views, shows both Alicia and Ellen living a regular day with their vegan families.

Silverstone, a seasoned 20-year-vegan, shares details and specifics of her plant-based lifestyle as well as her current business ventures.

Alicia Silverstone Spreads Vegan Message with ‘A Day in the Life’ Video

During the video, the pair can be seen preparing vegan meals together as well as discussing their favorite recipes.

Fisher and Silverstone are both mothers to young children and they bonded when their boys became fast friends.

Alicia Silverstone Spreads Vegan Message with Her Business

Silverstone’s vegan cookbook was also featured in their YouTube collaboration video as well as a lengthy discussion of her vegan vitamin line called ‘mykind Organics.’ (1)

Silverstone launched mykind Organics after failing to find a suitable organic multivitamin on the market during her pregnancy.

Silverstone’s mykind Organic line of vitamins was created as a result of a partnership with vitamin giant, Garden of Life, and is currently available at Whole Foods in the United States and at Whole Foods and Planet Organic in the United Kingdom.

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